To ignite a social inclusion revolution by empowering students nationwide to create spirit teams that bring together students with and without disabilities in equal measure and on equal footing


 We work closely with administrators, coaches, and students to ensure teams are structured for success and sustainability from the start


We outfit all official Sparkle Effect teams with apparel from Varsity Spirit Fashion

Uniform Grants

We guide, inform, and encourage student leaders as their teams are getting started

On-Site Training

We support team sustainability by engaging in consistent follow-up, ongoing mentorship, and annual refresher trainings

Lifelong Support


Spirit Matters

According to research released by Varsity Brands, students with higher levels of school spirit perform better academically, are more civically engaged and are happier in general than their less-spirited peers. Spirit builds relationships, provides a sense of belonging and helps forge common bonds that last beyond the high school years. Spirit connects everyone.


Disability Matters

More than five million students with disabilities attend public schools in the United States. Yet, most school sports and activities fail to accommodate these students. As a result, students with disabilities are often sidelined — excluded from school sports and the critical social opportunities they offer. 


Young People Matter

Young people raised with inclusive classrooms, activities, and social groups are more likely to develop an early appreciation of disability as a natural part of life, rather than an exception to the norm. And, the fact is, only one group is positioned to include students with disabilities: other students. 

Sound like a good fit? Let's get started

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