All Sparkle Effect teams must: 

  1. Be affiliated with a middle school, high school, or college in the United States

  2. Be approved by the school’s administration

  3. Have an adult adviser, who will guide the team captains and chaperone the team at practice and games

  4. Be comprised of a minimum of four students with disabilities and a minimum of six students without disabilities; these students comprise a dedicated team of equal team members; students without disabilities are full-fledged team members – not “volunteers” or “helpers”on the team

  5. Select at least two students to serve as 1st-in-charge captain and 2nd-in-charge captain; these students will run practices and communicate with teammates and parents; the 2nd-in- charge captain must be at least one year lower in school that the 1st-in-charge captain

  6. Practice a minimum of two times per week for at least 45 minutes per practice; all team members are expected to be at every practice

  7. Perform at a minimum of four home sporting events in the fall season and six home sporting events in the winter season (these events are not limited to football and basketball games; Sparkle Effect teams are encouraged to identify school teams that are underrepresented by spirit squads and support those teams)

  8. Cheer in a traditional cheerleading uniform -- in school colors -- and wear uniforms during game day if the other spirit squads at the school wear their uniforms on game day

  9. Participate in The Sparkle Effect’s free on-site training as the team is being formed and, at a minimum, every three years thereafter (please note: Sparkle Effect on-site training is available on an annual basis to any team that requests it)

  10. Fill out and submit an annual online survey

  11. Provide The Sparkle Effect with current email and phone number for the team’s primary contact and update The Sparkle Effect if the primary contact changes.

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