About Our Trainings

Thanks to our friends at Varsity Spirit, we offer hands-on support to our teams with free on-site training. Our  workshops provide the perfect opportunity for our trainers to guide, inform, and encourage your team.


Only official Sparkle Effect teams are eligible for our on-site trianing. All new Sparkle Effect teams receive training and we offer refresher trainings to our veteran teams. All official Sparkle Effect teams must receive training, at a minimum, every three years.

Our Staff

Our trainers are certified teachers who participated on Sparkle Effect teams while in high school and/or college. Over the past eight years, our training staff has conducted more than 200 Sparkle Effect trainings from coast to coast. 

Ready for Training?

If your team would like to take advantage of our on-site training, just email us. We will put you in contact with one of our trainers who will customize and schedule your training. 

After training, I feel more involved and more prepared to explain to others what our team is all about . . . that we're all equals. I know I will remember situations, perspectives, and expectations I didn’t fully understand before.


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